website designing company in india

Website Desining company in india

DigitalWaySoft is one of The Best Website Designing Company in India. We Provided Best Website Designing Solutions for 100+ Websites for all types of Businesses. We are the Experts in designing all types of Static and Dynamic websites. We Make Websites in HTML, PHP, SQL, Java Script and many design tools And We develop websites in all platforms like word press, blogger etc. we make all types of websites like E-commerce websites, education websites, jobs websites, classifieds websites, yellow pages websites, websites on quotations, video websites, discount coupons websites, information websites, Celebrity Websites, Brand Building Websites for Businesses, Community Websites at Lowest Prices, Dating Websites, News Based Websites, Personal Websites, Photo Sharing Websites, Political Websites for Political Parties, Political Leaders, Question and Answers websites, Review Based Websites, Social Media Websites like Face book and Twitter. Also we can do Domain Registration.

What is a Website ?

Website is a Collection Information and related WebPages on some particular topic is Referred as a website. The Website is a Mixture of Text, Images and Videos and All Multimedia. Generally a website can be launched on the web servers and the website can be accessed with the Domain Name and The Domain Name is the component of the Uniform Resource Locater using the URL We can Find All the WebPages Information. Each and Every Webpage Contains a Unique URL it is also termed as a Permalink.

Types of Website Designing’s:

There are Two Types of Websites they are

  1. Static Website Designing
  2. Dynamic Website Designing

In Static Website Designing the Data cannot be changed for the time to time and it will be in same Manner. The Static Websites cannot be Updated Daily.

In Dynamic Website Designing the Data can be Updated Frequently and Daily and Data in a Website can Change time to time and the Date is not same for all visitors of the website.

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